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Welcome to Tuesday’s Blog 😊

Pre-Kindergarten LOVE playing in the outdoors so much! This morning they couldn’t wait to explore our yard with their peers. They enjoyed riding the bikes, visiting the worm farm and observing the worms amongst all the food that we have been giving them, building with the large blocks and playing the piano.

Miss Livia took on group time this morning where we split the group in half to have more engaging time with the children. Pre Kindy chose some of our favourite songs to sing with Miss Livia while the other group ate their morning tea.

Activity time: The children chose between playing inside and outside, and of course majority of the class ran straight outside to enjoy more sunshine. Indoors with Miss TJ we had the hammer and nail station out again from yesterday which the children seem to be really enjoying. Pre Kindy are persevering through the task even when they were finding it quite difficult to hit the nail and hitting it all the way in. But they stayed persistent and achieved the task eventually after a lot of hard work with their muscles and hand eye coordination. Inside the children also had fun with the magnet shapes, wooden nuts and bolts, free drawing and role playing in the home corner. Another popular experience at the moment is the taped floor obstacle course that we extended with today.

Outside the children enjoyed investigating the garden, using their senses to smell and touch. A few friends were experimenting in the sand pit and bark by the kitchen.

We read Madeline before lunch and a lovely rest.

REMINDER: CRAZY HAIR DAY TOMORROW! We are looking forward to seeing your crazy hair styles!

Miss TJ, Miss Livia and Miss Danica 😊