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Another warm day at Kindy. This warmer weather has encouraged the children to explore the water play around the yard, filling up buckets to take to the sand pit or water the garden and using the water pump to flow water down the stream. Some children were seen playing in the treehouse, rolling around the hoola hoops and then catching them, racing up and down the slides, enjoying free drawing on the art easels and reading books for some chilled time on the verandah.

Our friend Marlie was super excited to share her Spots’ Baby Sister. It was a lovely read to start the morning, finding all of the hidden things under the flaps of the pages. We sang our Days of the week song that we have recently learnt and even learnt another song called Wind the bobbin up which the group enjoyed. This Pre-K class love their music! We transitioned to morning tea by choosing a partner who we don’t usually play with to walk together to the tables. The children were very positive and excited to walk together with a new friend.

For our activity time we opened the door for the children to choose inside/outside experiences. We set up the cut and paste activity sheet from yesterday which focuses on our 5 Senses. It was great cutting practice too! The children chose to further explore the water pump area, work collaboratively one a role playing game on the bikes and experimenting over by the kitchen.

As a transition to lunch the children sat at the tables, cooling off by drinking water and listening to an audio story called The Ugly Duckling. This transition seems to be a great way for us to all calm our bodies before a rest. Our friend Jake also brought in a Dr. Seuss book for us to read this afternoon. Thank you for sharing Jake!

Hope you all have a great afternoon

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx