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Welcome to Tuesday’s Blog

The cooler weather does not stop the Pre-Kindergarten from enjoying the outdoors. Everyone was rugged up in their winter clothes moving around the yard and sitting in the sun to warm up their bodies.

Inside at group time the children joined in to sing ‘Colours of Australia’, really belting out the words to the chorus and making sure to hold everyone’s hands for the actions. We then read a story called ‘How to be sustainable’. The booked recapped some of the ways the Pre-Kindergarten have contributed towards being sustainable over the past few weeks such as planting seeds, throwing rubbish in the bin and like Emerson said “recycling!”.  The children also learnt about using water tanks to save water and use it on our gardens, using solar panels which Zander told us his grandma. Solar panels help to save energy and stop air pollution. We also learnt that switching off lights when we leave a room helps save energy too. The class couldn’t wait to share their stories of saving water and energy that we practice taking turns at sharing by putting our hands up.

Activity time was lots of fun playing with some toys that have been rotated to go on our shelves. The children enjoyed practicing fine motor skills building with the connector blocks, threading with the large beads and shoelaces and connecting the plastic screws and bolts. The group were also invited over to do a cut and paste recycling activity where they had to find the recyclable items, cut them out and glue them onto the recycling truck.

Before lunch we had another run around outside to run off any extra energy so that we could have a nice relaxing rest time.

Have a great afternoon friends and families

Lots of love,

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx