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Welcome to Tuesday’s Blog with Pre-Kindergarten

This morning we enjoyed a run around outside but after getting a bit tired of the heat we made our way inside to enjoy the air-conditioning and fans that we are so lucky to have. We called out the role and then transition to morning tea with our favourite transition game, ‘The Currant Buns’. During our morning discussion on the mat and at morning tea the children shared that they would like to do drawing today, listen to Christmas carols, magnets and cars.

During activity time, while enjoying the children’s choices of activities the children were very engaged in their experiences and had fun picking activities off the shelf to play with, pack away and then chose another activity. Today we started on our Christmas craft which the children were all very excited about. Our first craft was to create Christmas paper chains to start off with decorating our classroom. We watched an instruction video on how to create the chains with strips of paper and what resources we would need. Miss TJ and Miss Deb were blown away by the amount of persistence and effort the children gave towards creating the chains. Firstly they cut along the lines of the paper to make strips and then learnt the technique to stick the strips into circles and then loop another piece through and create another circle. At the end we put all of their chains together to create one big chain! The paper chain is hanging by our front window (which was the children’s choice) so please check it out when you come to collect your child.

Before lunch we sang and danced along to some Hi-5 Christmas songs and then made our beds all by ourselves!

Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon

p.s. Don’t forget to RSVP to our Christmas party which is next Thursday 3rd December. The RSVP list will be on our Pre-Kindy front door.

Miss TJ and Miss Deb xx