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Happy Tuesday

Pre- Kindergarten is growing in numbers! Today we had a big class of 21 smiley children. The Pre Kindy children were exploring all areas of the yard this morning. Arlo and Emerson were having fun with the spray bottles and window wipers, doing a great job at cleaning the windows. Maia and a couple of friends were enjoying the messy play boxes full of goop and coloured water to touch with our hands. Willow and Tanner were working as a team to fill the watering can with the water pump and then water the garden. A group of friends were enjoying the cool feeling of the sand in their feet and having a go at the swing and monkey bars.

Our morning group time consisted of singing along to some of our favourite songs and also practicing counting down from 5 using our fingers while we sang along to ‘5 little ducks’ and learning about the importance of planting trees, plants and food gardens. Following up from our discussions over the last few weeks on how we can take care of our planet we learnt that planting plants can provide oxygen for us, food to eat for the humans and animals and also provide homes for living things.Today we had a group discussion on how to take care of plants. The children all called out that we need soil, seeds, water and the sunlight. We then watched a short clip on how we can plant a seed in wet cotton or wet paper towel and grow a beans in a cup. While talking about the plants Ellie asked “What are roots?” so we researched a diagram of a plant to learn the names of each part of the plant such as the roots, stem, seed, leaves and bud. To extend off our learning and researching we decided that this weeks project will be to plant our own beans and watch how they grow.

The class couldn’t wait to have their turn at planting their seeds. They had a choice between a Broad Bean or Alfalfa seeds to place in their cup full of cotton wool. They then sprayed water in their cup using a spray bottle. We are so excited to place them by the window where they can get some sunlight and we can watch them grow over the next few weeks. It will be great for the children to observe the growth each day they come into kindy and notice the stem, roots and leaves grow. Thank you to William and his family for donating some recycled items from home which we will reuse at Kindy for more projects and experiences! William suggested we make a rocket out of the items.

To continue our numeracy learning and to involve the children’s interest in cutting with scissors lately we set up a cut and paste experience. The children were given a caterpillar with the number 1-5 on its body. On another piece of paper the children were challenged to cut the numbers out and then glue the matching number onto the caterpillar. Miss TJ and Miss Livia were blown away by the children persistence and patience when cutting out all of the numbers. We are so proud of the children for giving it their best shot and for showing amazing scissor grips.

Pre Kindy children chose the activities that they would like to play. We had a group role playing in the home corner, a few friends using their problem solving skills to create a train track over on the mat, some children enjoyed the colour coordinating table with the coloured insects and animals also mixing them and playing their own games with them and doing wonderful drawings with the crayons.

Hope everyone has a great afternoon

Miss TJ and Miss Livia x