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Welcome to Terrific Tuesday 😊

This morning the Pre-Kindy group had a great play outside, welcoming their friends back to kindy. They were having fun testing their gross motor skills by throwing bean bags into the basket which was hanging at the top of the tree house stand, driving the bikes in and around the hill and making their way through the monkey bars building strength in their hold.

The kindy kids were super excited for the Magic Show today, all talking about it at our morning group time after singing a few welcome songs to warm us up. There were a few friends who were a little bit nervous before the show as it can always be a little bit scary doing something new. When it was time for the show we reminded the children about using their manners and respecting our guests. Once we made our way inside, the whole group realised it wasn’t so scary and had the most amazing experience ever! They were giggling, laughing and involving themselves in the show as they asked questions and sang out answers to the magician’s questions. The Magic Show impressed us all and was a great interactive experience for everyone. A few friends from Pre-Kindy got chosen to be the magician’s helper and we were super proud of their confidence to get up in front of everyone and have a go. It was great to see the Pre K children taking turns and being so understanding if they didn’t get chosen.

What a fabulous day doing something a little different and really enjoying it. Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx