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Welcome to Tuesday’s Blog 😊

Painting, water and ocean animal play, investigating the sand pit, cooking in the kitchen with bark and sand, dump trucks and diggers in the wet sand trough and riding bikes around the hill. So many fun experiences we enjoyed this morning with Pre-Kindergarten.

We read a lovely story called ‘Don’t think about purple elephants’ which was story about a child that always worried when it came to bedtime so her mother told her “Don’t think about purple elephants” which in return distracted her mind for her to have better sleeps. The children were calling out their stories of how sometimes it is hard to fall asleep and what helps them to fall asleep.

Transitioning off to our fun filled activities planned for the day the children sang along to some of our favourite songs such as ‘crabs and seashells’ and ’10 little Indians’. We had a lot of messy craft activities today such as a collage table for the children to get creative and use their imagination to cut, glue and decorate their page however they like. On another table we put out the Mr Potato head cut and paste activity as they really enjoy engaging in the cutting experiences. A few days ag,o the Pre Kindy children were helping the Kindergarten classroom to cut newspaper strips for their paper mache solar system. The children were a bit jealous looking on and watching the Kindergarten class so we decided to do our own paper mache of EARTH to extend off all our experiences and conversations on ways we can save the planet.

The group were also invited to observe their alfalfa and broad beans seeds and see if they have changed or grown. We put out note pads and led pencils for the group to draw what their seeds look like now. Pre Kindy are getting so good at their drawings! It is so exciting to see most of the seeds have started to grow stems and roots.

Miss Livia took small groups to visit the slides which have just opened for us to play located around the corner near the top centre. The children had so much fun running up the stairs and racing down the slide to do it all over again. Some afternoons we will be visiting this fun play area!

Before lunch we had a dance party and then a calm down session doing belly breathing and getting rid of our monsters.

Have a great afternoon

Miss TJ and Miss Livia x