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Welcome back families, we hope you has a spectacular easter break! we thoroughly enjoyed listening to the children easter tales.

Today we commenced our day with a group time. after we recited our indigenous acknowledgment and and sung our good morning song we spoke about the days of the week and the weather outside. as we reflected on the rain the children decided it would be safer to stay inside and keep dry. we spoke about possibly going outside to dance in the rain however the rain remained too heavy. towards the end of our group time the children had requested to make play dough, we were lucky to have Miss Connie visit us, she gathered all the ingredients and had the children help to make the play dough. during the play dough making process Miss Connie was asked to make a volcano. Miss Connie set aside some playdough and came across some baking soda vinegar and food colouring. Miss Connie role modelled how to form a volcano with the playdough, she placed her volcano onto a plastic dinner plate and harper added the baking soda. Miss Connie then added the vinegar and food colouring. The children were quite excited to see the outcome.

The children continued to explore their creativity through drawing.They were able to interpret what they could see in their everyday environment onto paper. In home corner the children explored different roles, initiating a game of mums and babies, incorporating their cultures and home environments into play.

We also explored, dinosaurs, cars, magnetic blocks and our calm corner for quiet reading.

Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany.