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Happy Tuesday

We hope you all had a wonderful long weekend with friends and family. The children were chatting all about their weekends with their peers and educators out in the yard.They had a great time this morning chasing each other through the yard, experimenting with sand and water and taking each other for a ride on the bikes.

Pre-Kindergarten sat in a circle for group time to sing some songs and share more stories about our weekends. It sounds like a lot of families went to the beach, swam in the pool or played at a water park.

During activity time we invited the children to use their weekend inspo playing with water to create a painting. A lot of the children decided to paint the beach. Each painting looks amazing and very creative. We practiced our fine motor skills with a threading activity since the children had so much fun making bracelets last week. Today they used the string to thread a bead pattern onto their string and then emptied the beads back into the bowl for someone else’s turn. The children chose to play with the blocks, building ramps for their cars to race down, role playing shops in the home corner and free drawing. We decided to open up the doors for a run outside before lunch.

Everyone was quite exhausted after a long weekend and a big play outside that we needed a nice rest!

Have a wonderful afternoon,

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xxx