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Happy Wednesday 😊

This morning the Pre-Kindy children were very eager to attend the Paramedic Show that we organised for today. Before the show, we explored the outdoor obstacle course, playing games with Mr Andrew, sharing a ride on the bikes and scooters and taking turns on the big swing with Miss Amy.

We came inside for a delicious morning tea before listening in on a story called ‘The Three Billy cow gruff’ which Miss TJ told using the animal toys and a gorilla toy as the ‘Troll’ character from the story. The children loved it!

It was then time for the Paramedic show. The show was great because it was very interactive with the children learning how to call 000 on a phone, learning how to give CPR and place someone in the Recovery Position. The Pre-Kindergarten children impressed us with how well they could listen to the instructions and how engaged they were with the Paramedic who was in charge of the show.

Before lunch we had a chance to play around the classroom, choosing activities off the shelf such as crayon drawing, cars on the new foam road and exploring the home corner.

Thank you for a wonderful day Pre-K

Miss TJ and Miss Amy xx