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Happy Wednesday everyone

Miss TJ was back today and the children all welcomed her with big smiles and hugs. The rain visited us as well and so we made the most of the indoors. Even bringing the outdoor fun that we usually have inside with a large obstacle course set up around our classroom. The Pre-K children went around and around, balancing across the stepping stones, onto the plank and taking the big leap off and onto the soft mats.  It was a great way to move our bodies and let out some more energy.

The children also had a great time role playing stories around the classroom, drawing pictures for Santa and even writing letters for Santa. We told Santa our age, if we have been nice or not very nice and what we would like to get for Christmas. We posted our letters in the centre postbox and waited patiently for a reply.

Thank you to Emerson for sharing photos from his sneeky elf at home and for our friend Oliver who shared his adventures with Bob the Sloth. Sounds like you all had a great weekend!

While the children rested, Miss TJ heard some bells and then when we woke up we checked our postbox and found letters from the one and only SANTA CLAUS. The children were jumping and screaming with excitement!

Hope you all had a wonderful day, staying safe and dry!

Lots of love,

Miss TJ and Miss Deb xxx