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Good Afternoon Families,

Due to the wet weather our time in the outdoor environment has been limited today.

Despite this, early in the morning we were able to enjoy some time in the Senior Yard. During this time the children initiated (CI) activities using the dump trucks and mud kitchen. These children’s interests came together as the two small groups worked together. With some children gathering and transporting mud kitchen ingredients to the kitchen, and children situated in the kitchen used these ingredients in their cooking play.

Through educator-prompted interactions (1:1)(TI) the children discussed what they were making, the process they were using to make the “meals” and also why they were making the food. Many children decided that they were making muffins, and demonstrated consideration towards their peers as they shared utensils and ingredients.

Indoors, we continued our Chinese New Year activities. This aimed to extend (E) on what we have been doing as a class this past week in relation to the cultural event but also linked to our learning of body parts seen in week one of February (as we draw comparisons between human body parts and animals) (P). With this in mind, the children helped their educators label the body parts of an Ox (2021 Chinese New Year Zodiac Sign). Following this the children were invited to paint celebratory ox illustrated crowns (TI).

Throughout the morning the children have also been introduced to traditional Chinese music. This played in the background during their play, and also was played at group time for dancing (P). By including this in our program the children broaden their understanding of the world in which they live and discover ways in which communities come together (IT).

Tomorrow we have an incursion with the Tooth Booth. If you would like your child to attend please return the permission forms to admin or Pre-Kindy educators.

Wishing everyone a happy Wednesday! Please note that we have been unsuccessful with uploading all photos today due to tech-difficulties.

Amy & Parminder