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Good afternoon Families, what a wet day we have had today,

As the children entered the pre-kindergarten room, it was noticeably set up with green and gold thanks to Miss Nads. On the small square table there was the St Patrick’s dress up props, three four leaf clover glasses and three small green leprechaun hats. The small investigation table was covered with light green shredded crape paper and some gold coins. On one of the larger rectangle tables was some green magic sand this table was ever so exciting for the children. Miss Bek set up some St Patrick’s day paint, the children however decided they wanted to paint their faces, Miss Saori draped the mirror over the easel and the children took turn at painting their interpretation of their reflection onto some white A4 paper.

During the rest pause period the tables were set up with quiet activities for those who did not sleep. Today they explored coloured pencil drawing, dinosaur puzzles, magnetic blocks and the bristle blocks.

Even though the rain had set in, the children still requested to spend some time in the outdoor environment. A small group of us went hunting in the gardens for bugs and insect, we didn’t find much due to the weather but we will definitely extend on this with the butterfly nets when the weather clears up.

The mud puddles were quite popular today although we didn’t get messy we still had fun using the diggers and trucks to scoop up the mud and transfer it across the natural grass. Miss Dom set up the red balance beam on the veranda along with the blue safety mat. The class lined up and took turns at balancing across it and jumping off the end onto the blue mat. The rain got a little bit heavier and we took cover in the sandpit, here the children cooked up a storm using the sandpit toys as kitchen utensils.

Thanks for a wonderful day today Pre Kindergarten,

Miss Bek and Miss Dom.