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Welcome to Wednesday Blog

Pre Kindy spent the morning choosing to play indoors or outdoors. Outside they were experimenting in the sandpit and taking turns on the bikes. Inside we had dot painting, piano and musical instrument fun and building with the magnet shapes.

Today we had our art lesson with Miss Vee where we read story about roses and exploring the sense of smell. Miss Vee planned an awesome extension off the story and our discussion on smelling. We split up in small group moving around the activities which were all about using our senses. Drawing with smelly pens, touching and smelling with the playdough which smelt so delicious we wanted to eat it and making smelly charms out of different smelling small rocks and dough that will dry up over the next few days. We will then turn our charms into a necklace, a charm for the car or a bag tag.

After our wonderful time at art we made our way outside, doing a SCIENCE experiment with Miss TJ to celebrate science week. Today we predicted colour change after mixing two colours together. We grabbed three cups of water, three colours of water colour (Green, Yellow and Red) and paper towel. We placed a piece of paper towel from one cup of water colour to another. The colour was quick, travelling up the paper towel meeting with the other colour in the middle and mixing a bit. The group observing were so excited watching the colours travel and predicting what colour we would see. We made orange and a lime green colour.

It was such a beautiful play together outside, playing kindly with each other and involving everyone in the play. We have had a few children who have been focusing on achieving the goal of completing the monkey bars. Every day they persevere and try to get that little bit further. Today we saw a few friends achieving some goals and were super proud of their efforts.

The Little Big Sports group joined in the top playground for some football fun! Today they focused on dribbling the ball, kicking into the goal and teamwork practice. They always come back enthusiastic about their lesson!

Hope you all have a great afternoon.

P.s. We are sending out a little newsletter for everyone this week.

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx