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Happy Hump Day 😊

This morning we read a digital story called ‘The Messy Magpie’ which was an educational story about a Magpie who collects litter after human leave it around the park to bring back to his nest. The nest and the park soon over flow with rubbish the Magpie realises the effects of the rubbish such as the plants were dying and struggling to grow, the flowers weren’t bright anymore and the plants weren’t green and the animals were becoming distressed as their homes and food were lost to the mess. The Magpie and his friends soon find a recycling station where they sort the rubbish and clean up the park. Pre Kindy loved this story and were really engaged, asking Miss TJ questions and sharing their thoughts on the horrible effects of rubbish. India said “Oh no that’s not good for the Earth”. You are so right Indi!

We ventured off to explore the room. The children were invited to trace their names using the texters as an extension off their tracing over the past few weeks and becoming more and more interested in recognising and writing their names and letters. With Miss Livia the children enjoyed the new recycle station table with a sorting rubbish game and our recycled collection to reuse in play. A few friends were asking if we could bring out the cars so we brought out the car mat too and added some connector blocks to make towers for the cars to drive around the city. We had a few friends who were wanting to role play families and shop keepers in the home corner. They had lots of fun dressing up in the costumes and dancing around the room.

The class did an amazing job at cleaning up the activities and have been such amazing helpers lately! Thank you to Arlo and his family for sending through some photos and a little blog of how they contribute to being sustainable at home. This afternoon we will invite Arlo up in front of the class to share his sustainable ideas and also share his pineapple stress ball that him and his family made at home, which also extended off our stress balls for our mindfulness station that we made as a class (which the children use everyday). We look forward to hearing about how some other Pre Kindy children are sustainable at home.

Have a great afternoon 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx