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Good Afternoon Families,
Today was a “Wet Weather Day”

The children stayed indoors this morning (until 11.15am) due to the rain. This caused us to adapt our routine to incorporate more indoor play choices, and also specific activities that aimed to build on learning concepts developing in the classroom.

Our first group time included stories selected by the children. They picked a selection of fairy-tales, which they seemed familiar with, as they predicted the narrative. The story-time provided the children opportunities to share their thoughts about characters actions, using the red/green choice language in their comments.

During the morning, the children requested playdough and shape themed playdough mats were provided for further revision. Magnets and cars were suggested by the boys, and various setups were created during the play time to accommodate this interest.
The sun appeared mid-morning, so the children excitedly prepared and engaged in outdoor play.  During this time Ms Amy introduced felt stories to the children. This also included hand puppets based on nursery rhymes. The children participated in this activity by singing, counting, and collecting felts throughout each song. They appeared to really enjoy this experience, therefore we will continue to implement this option in our daily routine.

Tomorrow the class will be participating in an incursion. We look forward to participating in this experience.

Ms Amy & Ms Parminder