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Welcome to Wednesday’s Blog 😊

Crazy Hair Day! The children were super proud to show off their amazing hair styles when arriving to kindy this morning. It was so cute to see them all enthusiastic about the day 😊 This morning we had a wonderful play outside with positive interactions throughout the yard. Our group time was full of energy singing along to Hello and then doing The Wombat Wobble which is definitely a class favourite. The children love it when the music goes slow and then really, really fast. We all have a giggle at our silly we are doing the actions so fast.

Activity time was a little bit shorter today as we had our weekly Art Class with Miss Vee. Pre Kindy enjoyed some crazy hair day drawings where they had to draw faces and crazy hair on a face template. The children also enjoyed doing our new obstacle course that’s made out of tape around the classroom, building with the wooden nuts and bolts and moulding and manipulating the playdough.

Our Art Class was lovely. Miss Vee read the children My two blankets and then we extended on the book by doing a couple of different experiences such as feeling the textures of two blankets and describing the feeling e.g. Soft, rough etc. The children then worked together with friends to cut and past different materials on a tree as an activity to build relationships and communication with others.

Marlie also invited friends over the share her cocoon that she found at home. Thank you for sharing Marlie.

Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Livia x