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Good Evening Families,

Our day started with indoor play today. In the morning, some children were busy playing with the dinosaurs. Some children used the hand puppets and by using their imagination, created a pretend play. The home corner was famous as every day. Children are learning to share with their friends and creating good memories together.

Before morning tea, Miss Sauri came up with a game, where children had to pick their favourite colour from the container and then she hid the blocks under a small mat and asked if the children know what colours are underneath it. Children tried their best to guess the colours.

Today, for planned indoor activities, we made a sensory box, where children had to put their hands inside and when they touch something, they describe what it feels like and also what they think it is. It was a nice sensory play. Miss Kristy joined us in the room today, with an activity of bear hunt. That was a beautiful set up, and children liked hearing the story and moving the people around. We also had playdough on one table as another sensory activity. It was a little big sport day today, children played soccer, where they used gross motor skill and their concentration to kick the ball.

Have a good evening!

By Parminder and Tiffany