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Good Afternoon Friends and Families 😊

This morning the Pre-Kindergarten watched on, as a group of birds came down from the trees to take a bath in the water stream. A few friends also enjoyed lazing around on the pillows at the reading mat. We had a longer play outside to enjoy the cooler weather compared to yesterday’s hot day. Pre-K had their morning tea outside in small groups before we all came inside for our last Art Lesson of the year.

Miss Mackenzie read ‘Stone Soup’ before inviting the children up to explore the art experience planned for the extension off the story. The focus was on utilizing the tactile elements of food. The children used potatoes, capsicum, and apples to ‘stamp’ with. The food was cut into different shapes. The children dipped their food painting tool to dip into the bright paint colours. What a fun and sustainable way to paint.

Pre-K then got the chance to explore the indoors and outdoors. Engaging in activities by themselves or working alongside their friends.

We hope you all had a great day 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Deb