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Welcome to Wednesday’s Blog 😊

This morning, the Pre Kindy children were having fun exploring the rocks and water pump area. Using the water from the pump to transfer it into the bark and sand. A few friends even wanted to take their shoes off and feel the cool water beneath their toes.

Our morning group time was full of joy singing along to some of our favourite tunes, Hello, Taba Naba, Colours of Australia and ABC which was requested by Hendrix. Oliver was excited to share his adventures over the weekend playing at the park, playing with the footy and seeing his friend Marlie for her birthday. Oliver was very confident to share in front of the class, well done Ollie. Miss TJ introduced cards that had aboriginal symbols on them along with what the symbols represent. We flicked through them, having a guess what they might be and then transitioned off to morning tea having a go at drawing one of the symbols which was chosen by the class, the Emu symbol. We were so impressed by everyone’s drawings, we could see that they were all concentrating very hard on their drawings, following the demonstration that Miss TJ gave on the steps to draw the emu symbol.

The children chose to play either indoors or outdoors, but we found that they all wanted to play outside. We took our aboriginal symbols outside with use playing a matching game, trying to find the symbols that matched and having further discussions on what they represent. Since the children were enjoying taking their shoes off this morning, we invited the whole class to pack their shoes away in their lockers (making sure we are respecting our belongings by looking after them). As it has been winter, we have been encouraging the children to keep their shoes on as much as possible to keep their cute little toes warm and as practice for big school. They were super excited to feel all the different textures on their feet such as the water, bark, sand, grass, play mats and the soil. Arlo said, “it feels squishy with my shoes off”. Tanner said, “Muddy puddles!” and Kaylee said, “It’s sandy”. Ellie had a great idea, turning herself into a mermaid by covering her legs with the sand.

The group for Little Big Sports (soccer/football) is growing and growing every week with more children excited to have a go. Today they were practicing a few drills and teamwork plays, passing the ball to their friends and trying for a goal!

At lunch we listened to an audio story of ‘The three little pigs’ which was requested by the class 😊

Hope you all have a great afternoon

Lots of love,

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx