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Good Afternoon Families,

In the senior yard this morning the children initiated treasure hunting activities in the sandpit. Ms. Amy assisted the children in small groups by digging holes in the sand and using the plastic rakes to search the piles for the treasure. The children guessed different things that they might find in the sand including –

Children’s Voices:

Colten – Blocks / Harrison – shells / Charlotte – Shells and shiny things / Harry – little toys hiding

Another small group were cooking in the mud kitchen. During this time the children made different types of cake. Ms. Amy asked the children what they were making –

Children’s Voices:

Chanel – Unicorn cake / Harrison – Vanilla Cake / Avila – Pink and Brown cake

Throughout both of these activities the children were required to share the toys, cooperate and negotiate the play spaces, treat each other kindly, as well as use their fine or gross motor skills. This created opportunities for the educators to discuss green and red choices in context to sharing, using manners and being safe with friends.

Indoors the children selected activities they wished to play with on the mat and at the tables. In addition to this we used the playdough at the table to create shapes and practice counting.

For meal times we have continued to encouraged the children to self-serve meals; we are seeing an increase in children using manners at the table in relation to the food, but also in conversations with others. This has been great to see!

Tomorrow we will be continuing with the counting practice as we will be using new counting cards that will be setup in our developing mathematical zone.

Happy Wednesday!
– Ms Amy & Ms Parminder