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Welcome to Tuesday’s Blog

This morning we sang beautifully along to Taba Naba where we focused on learning some more of the lyrics. Wheels on the bus was then request which is definitely a class favourite as they love pretending to cry like a baby for “Babies on the bus go wah wah wah!”. They think its hilarious watching Miss TJ cry very dramatically.

After all our friends arrived to kindy we made our way over to the second playground where the children enjoyed watching our friends who go to soccer (little big sports), racing each other down the slides and running up the stairs to do it all over again and having a go at our hammer and nail experience that we introduce to the children last week. The hammer and nails activity is a great challenge for the children as they get to practice their hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. They love this activity! We had a lovely morning tea picnic under the shade of the trees.

Emerson, William and Joseph had lots of fun running around on the grass area for soccer. Willow asked if she could go do a trial for soccer. Don’t forget that if your child would like to do soccer all you have to do is sign up 😊

It was then time for us to head inside our classroom for our Art lesson with Miss Vee. We sat together on the mat engaging in Miss Vee’s story time where she read a story called ‘I love you stinky face’ which talked about how sometimes we have a stinky face and that’s okay but its important to do our breathing to calm our bodies and get rid of our stinky face. This is just like how we do belly breathing in Pre-Kindy to get rid of our crazy/mad/sad monsters inside of us. The class were then asked to come up in groups of 4 or 5 to create their own stinky face out of paper plates, glue, recycled items and pens.

Pre Kindy are loving playing in the ASC and the New slides playground for the last few days while our big yard gets check over as all the wind over the weekend had blown a few branches off into the yard.

Enjoy your afternoon 😊

Miss TJ and Miss Livia  xx