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Happy hump day families, We have had such a great week so far. Today was filled with immense fun as we extend on our jungle learning journey.

On our exploration table sat the shallow black trough, in the trough were bark, leaves, twigs and small jungle animals. The children decided to add the bug nets to this experience and took turns capturing the jungle animals. Lilly, Harry, Harper, Bjorn, Lachlan, Vaughn, Madelyn, Colton, Amelia, Harrison and Ivy explored this experience.

Aleksandar has made a special bond with Avila, and today they explored the blocks together in the construction area. Madelyn and Harrison joined them and together the constructed with the duplo. Adjacent to them was Colton busy constructing with the magnetic blocks.

Once Colton had finished with the magnetic blocks he moved onto the dinosaurs with Myla, Bjorn, Vaughn and Lachlan, eventually taking them to the jungle area to explore once again.

The children continued to explore the dramatic play area outdoors like they did yesterday, they thoroughly enjoyed the scenery change while exploring this area. Ivy used this to role play as a chef, cooking up a storm while Harper and Amelia role played as mums with the soft dolls.

Bjorn and Lachie were busy on the bikes when Vaughn and Colton joined in. Harry observed before engaging with his peers at the bike track. Ivy and Billy were busy collecting twigs and leaves that had fallen off the trees and some bark to for our jungle sensory area. They walked around with mini wheelbarrows collecting the natural resources.

Information exchange:

Unfortunately we are still experience a system error when uploading our photos. We have printed the days photos and attached them to the wall next to todays program.

Please remember to label your children belonging including jumpers, socks and shoes. we have accumulated quite the collection of personal belongings please have a look on our lost property table located in the room for any missing items.

Miss Bek and Miss Lara.