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Welcome to Wednesday’s Blog 😊

Pre-Kindergarten had a blast at the car wash station that was set up this morning by Miss TJ to extend off their car wash fun yesterday. We had a bucket full of soapy water and clothes for washing and drying. The children role played driving around on the road and then parking their car at the car wash, paying $5 (using the leaves as money). The car wash workers did an amazing job at thoroughly cleaning the cars (bikes).

We then came inside for our Wednesday art class with Miss Vee. Miss Vee read Giraffes Can’t Dance  and also taught us another meditation/mindfulness practice. Miss Vee brought in two larger boxes which had a little play in before covering them with oil pastels and then going over the colour with wet paint brushes to mux in the coloursl The children had to stretch their arms nice and tall just like a giraffe to colour the top of the boxes on the table and bend in all sorts of ways to decorate the whole box. Miss Vee also organised a playdough table for sensory discovery and a colouring table.

After our art session a few friends suggested that we read The Little Mermaid. Miss TJ read the story and was amazed by how well the children sat listening, very intrigued with what was going to happen next. It was time to then venture off to our activity time where the children used the chairs to create an imaginary bus driving game where we travelled to the museum and the park, playing under the table in the cubby house that Miss TJ created using a sheet over the tables, racing toy cars down a ramp that we made from one of the mattresses and playing families in the home corner.

Over in the other yard the soccer friends were enjoying the outside. They played a fruit salad game where they had to match the colours of cones to the home base cones, pretending that each colour was a type of fruit. Their favourite part of Little Big Sport is always when they get to shoot a goal!

Note: This week the children will be taking home Father’s Day gifts

Enjoy your afternoon 😊

Happy Educators day to all those amazing educators out there. We feel so spoilt today so thank you to all our families who make us feel so special.

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx