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Happy Wednesday 😊

Pre-Kindergarten had a relaxed morning play enjoying some quiet time on the reading mat outside, building in the sandpit and moving the cars in and around train tracks.

We had Art lesson with Miss Mackenzie this morning where she firstly gathered the children onto the mat where they read a story called ‘I am LOVE’ which explored compassion through showing kindness, living with gratitude and taking care of our minds and bodes through the connection of love- By Susan Verde. The children then participated in a meditation exercise before making their way to the tables to create heart shape paintings, playdough play and glitter pen drawings. Thank you for a wonderful lesson Miss Mackenzie.

We then had a group time on the mat where we sang a few songs, copied some actions by Miss TJ and then read another Monkey Manners story called ‘Thank you’. The children have been taking on board all of our recent learning of ways to use manners. During the day we noticed a few of the children saying thank you to each other and the teachers.

For activity time we made bracelets out of various small beads which was a great fine motor practice experience pinching the wire on with hand and threading the bead through with the other. The children were super proud of their final masterpiece. Kaylee decided to give her bracelet to her friend William. William said, “Thank you Kaylee”. What a kind gesture Kaylee! The children also enjoyed making Magic Wands using recycled items that we have collected over the last few days and pieces of small square paper, glue and pens. The magic wands were inspired by the Magic Show yesterday. The group also had a great time racing the cars along the town mat, working as a team to build with the blocks and playing at the small world animal table.

What a lovely day we have had! Below is our daily routine just in case any of you would like to see what times we do things during the day at kindy:

9:00- Morning Group Time/Morning Tea (This is always a fun group time where we sing songs/dance/stretch, welcome everyone to kindy, share our show and tell and where we do a lot of our learning and extensions off of our learning

10:00- Activity Time (Planned and Spontaneous/Children’s choice of experiences)

11:30/12- Group Time/ Lunch Time (Preparing our bodies for lunch and rest time we usually do some belly breathing and a story time. The children have lunch and are then encouraged to make their beds)

12/12:30- Rest Time (Children are encouraged to rest and relax their bodies. If children do not sleep they are offered books/quiet activities on their beds)

1:30- Quiet Table activities

2:30/3:00- Outside play and Afternoon Tea

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xxx