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Good Afternoon Families,

The children started their morning by engaging in construction activities using the large wooden blocks in the undercover area. They practiced building different objects such as “rockets, castles, large walls and big houses.” The building activities took place in small groups and eventually transitioned to the sandpit area. This was because the children wished to become builders in their play and therefore imagined that they were working in construction in the sandpit (using the trucks and diggers to assist them in play).

Indoors, this interest in building was extended upon as the children used blocks to try and measure their heights. Once two or more children completed their height-block tower they compared their height blocks to their peers. This planned activity aimed to build upon the children’s sense of belonging as they learn about themselves and are recognised as individuals in our class.

Additionally, the children continued their learning about eyes by engaging in an eye colour activity at group time. This sought to teach them about the similarities and differences between classmates in the room, as well as aimed to help them learn another feature about eyes.

Lastly, the families who have arranged permission for ‘Little Big Sport’ – the children who attended very much enjoyed this new sporting activity. They practiced their ball skills as they learnt how to kick and handle a ball through various games.

We will continue to develop the children’s understanding about their bodies and also introduce to them upcoming events in the coming days (Waitangi Day, Valentines Day and Chinese New Year). This seeks to build upon their understanding of the world in which they live, by developing a respect for diversity.

Thank you and have a lovely Wednesday!

Amy, Parminder and Jade