Happy Wednesday Everyone 😊

Pre-Kindergarten had a lovely start to our Wednesday with our Art lesson with Miss Vee and Miss Bec. We read ‘My Magic Breath’ by Nick Ortner and Alison Taylor which encourages children to tap into the space of mindfulness through the use of their magic breath. We explored how breathing can be used when feeling worried, nervous and sad, and that we can breathe through the thoughts and feelings to feel calmer. This is something that Pre-K are familiar with as we have been using belly breathing to help with those worried or even crazy feelings in our bodies.

We took this story to meditation and then transferring this to art. Miss Vee set up tables for small groups to join at to create a group picture. Each large piece of paper at the tables had various bright colours of paint splashed on top for the children to use a paddle pop stick each to scrape the paint around. Practicing their breathing and blowing out through their body movement of pushing the paint across the paper. The image formed in an individualized way due to every child’s unique breathing patter. What a creative way to learn about self-regulation!

After Art we opened our sliding doors for the children to choose indoor or outdoor activities. Outside, the Pre-K children stayed under the shade when exploring as it was quite warm. They had great fun digging and creating in the sandpit. Inside the children enjoyed the water colours paints again and creating new hair styles for their customers at the salon station.

We have such a large group they play soccer at Little Big Sports. Today they worked in teams kicking the ball to a friend and playing a few fun games 😊

Hope you all had a wonderful day.

NOTE: If your child had their photo today we have put a note in their bag

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx