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Happy Wednesday

We have some independent superstars in the Pre Kindy room. Today the children washed their own dishes in a bucket of soapy water and used a cloth to wash after emptying their scraps in the rubbish bin. The class have been involving themselves in all of the self help challenges we have been ggiving them such as making their own beds, packing away their items, dressing themselves and now cleaning up after themselves. They loved the responsibility and were very thorough cleaners. For group time we sat in our morning circle, passing around Mr Tortoise to introduce ourselves. Hendrix suggested that we also tell everyone our favourite colour. Everyone did an amazing job! We sang a long to some numeracy songs such as ’10 little Indians’ and ‘5 little ducks’ to practice our counting. The children used their fingers to help them count.

Activity Time: This morning the children started to make their Mother’s Day gifts which will be ready to take home this afternoon. Pre Kindy children were having so much fun playing with the keyboards and telephones at the table. It was great to sit back and listen to their conversations with each other and the imaginary person on the other line. We added pencils and paper to the table for the children to write down any messages. Another great way for the children to extend on their communication and language skills. Continuing on from our colours at group time we played a match the colour card game. The children had to find small picture cards that matched the colour of their big card. The children were very engaged in the game and were excited to choose another colour card to find. Joseph asked if we could also bring the cars out, which the children spread out on the mat racing them around.

Miss Dom came and visited us for a mediation/yoga session with the children which was an amazing experience for the children especially as we have been learning how to calm and self regulate. Miss Dom shared her crystals, sang and played some songs with a flute and a drum and showed us some ways to do relaxed breathing. At the end of the lesson the children were very calm and gentle and had big smiles on their faces.

After a group effort to clean up the classroom we headed outside to get some fresh air. The children enjoyed the sunshine, driving around on the bikes, showing off their awesome monkey bars skills and transporting the sand around in the dump trucks. We read ‘Slinky Malinky’ before preparing for our lunch and rest time.

Hope everyone had a lovely day

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx