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Happy Wednesday 😊

This morning we had great fun playing with the doctor’s kit outside with Miss Livia, role playing Doctors and Nurses helping to care for Miss Livia who was unwell.

Our Art lesson with Miss Mackenzie was focused on “I belong”. Miss Mackenzie read a story called ‘The Invisible String’ which explored the concept of connection and belonging through an invisible string of love. This book was chosen to comfort and ease separation anxiety, loneliness, loss, and unbreakable connection between love ones- Patrice Karst. The Pre Kindy class created abstract and tactile images out of various coloured and sized yarn/wool to represent connection, togetherness, belonging and the security of attachment.

The soccer group had great fun playing up in the open grass area of the top playground. We apologies for not getting any photos of their lesson. They have really come a long way with their little big sports lesson. They are more confident, involving themselves in all the challenges and giving it their best shot.

Before lunch we had a calm down session, practicing our belly breathing, singing along to some of our favourite nursery rhymes and viewing a short educational clip of children on sesame street explaining what RESPECT means and how we can be RESPECTFUL. This is something we work on each day. Respecting each other, our belongings and our environment.

Have a great afternoon,

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xxx