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Welcome to Wednesday’s Blog

Pre-Kindergarten enjoyed a lovely play outside this morning. When Miss TJ arrived to kindy she could see that all of the children looked very engaged in their experiences and were having fun with each other, building strong connections.

Group Time: Marlie shared photos of how her and her family are sustainable. Marlie explained how her compost bin works and the benefits of having one at home. Marlie was super enthusiastic about shared all of her knowledge on being sustainable. Thank you for sharing Marlie. While transitioning off to activity time Miss TJ found a short clip on videos of ways we can reuse items from our house such as an old tooth brush, water bottles and old shoes. The video showed us that we just need to use our imagination and we can make great use out of items from home that we were just going to throw away in the garbage.  

Activity time: Today we continued to work on our Recycle Mobil that we started painting yesterday. The items were dry so we started to poke holes through and but some of the large pieces such as the egg cartons and milk bottles into small pieces. We tied different coloured wool onto the bicycle tyre that we found in the shed and then threaded the wool through the recycled items. We can’t wait to hang it up on the roof.

The children also had fun doing a collage REUSING all of the scrap paper from yesterday’s cutting experience. Miss Livia found a cardboard box that was going to be thrown away but we saved it to collage and create our very own ‘Pre Kindergarten Recylcing’ box for all of our scrap paper that goes to waste. We used PVA glue and went crazy with the collage turn the whole box in a rainbow with all the colours. Next task will to place the recycle symbol onto it.

The class also enjoyed construction building with the Lego. They loved playing with the Lego today, using their imagination to create. The Lego is great fine motor practice! The children also enjoyed playing in the home corner and racing the cars along the classroom floor.

We had a belly breathing session before lunch as we needed to get rid of all our crazy monsters. The children lay down on the mat with their hands on their stomachs listening to Miss TJ who told them a story about the beach.

Have a wonderful afternoon

Miss TJ and Miss Livia xx