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Happy Wednesday

This morning we had fun cooling down at the water play, climbing over the obstacle course and exploring the sandpit.

Jake helped us mark off the 9th of December on our Santa Claus countdown and then we stretched our bodies ready to start the day. To transition off to activities the children chose a partner to go off together. 

We played a matching animal card game, tested our construction and creativity skills with the magnetic shapes, built roads out of the foam domino blocks for the cars, drew some amazing pictures for our friends, family and teachers and took turns at playing Miss TJ’s piano!

Our Little Big Sports friends came back with medals to congratulate them on an amazing year. Next week is their last lesson of the year! 

Before a big rest we headed outside to enjoy the shaded areas of the playground such as the sandpit and the kitchen. 

Have a wonderful afternoon 

Miss TJ and Miss Deb x