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Happy Wednesday families!

What a wonderful day we have had today, Miss jade was in the room with Miss Bek today, as we await Miss Tiffany’s return tomorrow. It was quite chilly this morning keeping us inside. We combined with senior kindy in the senior kindy room and participated in a dance party, dancing to Trolls and playing the freeze game. We soon made our way to our room where we explored the dinosaurs, magnetic blocks and the domino’s.

After morning tea, we had a visit from Miss Crystal who initiated a recycling and waste experience extending on the children’s interest in the recycling truck we saw on Monday. Miss Crystal started by initiating a discussion about the materials we can recycle and those we have to throw in the rubbish. We then used baskets to sort out the recycling materials to the rubbish.

We also continued drawing Zebras today the children used a picture of a zebra as a reference then drew their interpretation of what they could see, they used black and white crayons to colour them in. Miss Jade took out the large wooden rocket ship from the prep room and placed it on the mat along with the large soft rocks, she waited to see how the children would responds and they loved it. they all took turns ate wearing the astronaut costumes and were even heard discussing all the planets we have previously learnt about.

we soon made our way to the outdoor environment where we explored the bikes, soccer, balance beams, large wooden blocks, Mud kitchen and the sandpit.

we have had a wonderful day today and can’t wait to have miss Tiffany back tomorrow.

Miss Bek, Miss Jade and Miss Crystal

Unfortunately we are still unable to attach the photos from today, please check the daily program for these.