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Good morning Pre kindy families and welcome to this happy Thursday !!!

We started our day playing outdoors. We ran, jumped, rode bikes and had lots of fun with our friends from the other classes. – By playing, they improve their perception of the environment and make their visual and auditory reflexes faster and more accurate. Also stimulates creativity and improves the motor coordination of the little ones.

Today Miss Leesa prepared a nice display of costumes for the children to engage in  role play and which they loved! – Costumes are useful for children to develop social skills when they are in environments with other children in disguise. It can also be a very good resource for working on emotions, because, when representing the character, it is easier to express feelings by performing actions that they would not dare. In this way, this simple role-playing game can help improve self-esteem and overcome shyness.

Another activity was play with sea animals and learning their names. This was a sensory activity as we played with them in the water. Also to improve their gross motor skills and balance Mr Andrew prepared an obstacle course, Lily did really well, she even did acrobatic movements!!

Once we were inside we had our morning tea with lots of fruits and we gathered together on the green mat for a group time and relaxation exercise.

This week we are still talking about saving the planet with our friends. We learned that we can do our part and we customized a “garbage bag” for our families use to put the garbage in the car.

Before we prepared for lunch Miss. Lívia read  the book “1-10 Aussie Counting book” and the children all  counted from 1 to 10, matching the numbers with animals quantity on the picture. Colton, our little one impressed us with his skill and counted perfectly from 1 to 10. So cute!! – Developing counting skills will help the children to do everyday things like: solve problems, analyze and make sense of information, understand patterns and make choices.

After sleep time the children enjoyed play inside with planned activities that develops motor coordination, memory, fine motor skills and focus. They played with Eggs card boards and pom poms, colors patterns and their favorite, Pin board!! Collecting the pompons with tongs in the card board was very special, they were very into it. We also in these activities talked about color recognition. This is very important and can provide children with essential learning tools in life, as children learn to identify colors and use color as a language tool to describe things – learn about colors develops and strengthens their ability to communicate effectively. On top of that, children can learn to use color as a visual cue to identify danger (red) and distinguish hot from cold

Before afternoon tea we had a fun moment with lots of music and we danced a “Freeze song!” – When children learn and practice dance movements and postures, they develops greater body awareness. Whoever dances is always in contact with their own bodies, and when we grow up it helps us feel more comfortable with our appearance, our difficulties and even feelings.

That was a great day!!

I hope you enjoy the photos and our news.

Lots of love Miss Lívia