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Good Afternoon Families

Happy Thursday 🙂

This morning we had such good weather that we were able to play outside as we welcomed in all of our friends. Today we had a lot of friends join us, we had Harry, Ariana, Myla, Eveleigh, Harrison, Alesander, Delila, Charlotte, Sayde, Bjorn, Harper, Chanel, Ivy, Vaughan, Latika, Conall, Avila and Cohen.

This morning Miss Tiffany was in the outside home corner with a lot of our friends, we were cooking up a storm on this mornings menu we decide to focus on the most important meal of the day, Breakfast. With the girls cooking up some eggs and the boys cooking up so pancakes, we all ate our breakfast alongside a cup of tea. A few of our friends were practicing their skills (hand and eye coordination) on the monkey bars, we were unable to reach the bars so we did have to find away up!

Mid morning brought us to our daily group time and morning tea, with us still working on alphabet recognition we did a few activities with flash cards. This morning we had a yummy breakfast cake with melon for morning tea.

Today was marshal arts day, so all our friends took turns heading outside to have some fun with the instructor! We played lots of games and did lots of running around! We had some of our friends helping Miss Bek with our calm corner and the sensory bottles that we created, some friends help Miss Tiffany set up the race track on the walls, as we are all having so much fun with our new trucks and cars.

We all really enjoyed our lunches and are currently having rest time time! We look forward to the afternoon and seeing our families at pick up!

From Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany