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Good Afternoon Families,

Happy Wednesday! This morning we welcomed Harry, Myla, Delila, Charlotte, Romney, Harrison, Ivy, Harper, Avila, Amelia, Chanel, Colten and Latika.

Today we leant about Mercury the second planet in our solar system. The children learnt that Mercury is the smallest planet, and is grey in colour. We then got into partners and painted mercury to add to our solar system display. Day 3 of the new menu, this morning we had a yummy healthy bar along with some bananas. For lunch we had pumpkin soup, bread and salad.

A day in the life of our friends;

Millie” I got to play on the slide today, I had fun” . Chanel “today I played on the bike it was really fun”. Harper ” I enjoyed learning about Mercury” Latika ” I enjoyed playing with the blocks with Miss Tiffany”

We look forward to seeing all our friends tomorrow for another fun day!

From Miss Bek and Miss Tiffany