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What a fun Monday we have had! To start of our Dinosaur Theme Week, the Children created their own version of a dinosaur park., with lots of sand, trees, buildings and various sized dinosaurs… Braxton even decided that his dinosaur would like a sand bath. Ellie, Reid & Xavier took turns walking on the dinosaur stilts .. great balancing! Once indoors Eva, Mace, Hazel, Arlo & Myah chose the play dough to manipulate & create with. Other interests today included – Colouring in pictures of dinosaurs – Measuring dinosaurs with coloured counters & Miss Donna read a new book about dinosaurs at group time called I CAN HEAR DINOSAURS.. it was very popular as it made dinosaur sounds. We have had a lovely day & can’t wait to continue our dinosaur exploration tomorrow … love from Miss Donna & Miss Lyn