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Happy Wednesday 🙂

1 more Kindy day before the Easter Weekend!

Today we have had Miss Lara, and Miss Jade in the classroom with Miss Tiffany.

We started our morning routine with outside play, where we had some children up in the tree house building train tracks building and construction is such a fun way to build children’s gross motor skills! The added benefit is that they always have a blast!

There was some reading happening with Miss Tiffany, some coloring with Miss Bec (Senior Kindy) as well as a whole lot of free play.

Morning tea time came around so quickly, we washed our hands and Miss Jade served up the yummy food, with everyone eating something which was so good to see.
Following on from morning tea we had a mixture of free and guided play, Miss Lara made the classroom some playdough and had a group of children creating with her. There was so much going on, we had Easter eggs, pizza, walls and balls all being created.
Miss Tiffany was working with the children 1 on 1 where we were seeing what letters of the alphabet we new, we would try to guess the letter, and the say the name of the animal or object on the card and then we got to draw the letter in some sand!

We had group time before heading out for some outdoor play, Miss Tiffany wanted all the children to practice the alphabet, so we used flash cards, all taking turns of saying the animal or object and then the letter, and with some more practice we all will be able to recognise letters in the alphabet.

Tomorrow is the last day of Kindy for the week, we look forward to seeing all our friends and hope that everyone is safe and healthy.

Miss Jade, Miss Lara and Miss Tiffany