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Hello everyone, and welcome to Monday!

Today in our Pre-Kindy room we celebrated National Grandparents Day. We had an afternoon tea at 2.30 p.m. (scones and lamingtons), and the children were lucky enough to have several grandparents and special friends visit for an afternoon of fun and cuddles.

We do appreciate those who could make it today, but also well understand why some could not.

During mid-morning, the following play-based experiences were available in our Pre-Kindy room:

  • Black playdough – it was loads of fun hammering coloured matchsticks into it with wooden hammers
  • Wooden train tracks with lots of wooden trains
  • Collage pieces, PVC glue and coloured origami squares
  • Assorted puzzles and magnet boards
  • Small Lego on Lego boards
  • Kitchen home corner
  • Loose parts to place onto swirly patterns drawn onto large Kraft paper
  • Placing assorted wooden shapes onto different lengths of moveable wooden dowel set into wooden blocks
  • Yoga with Miss Gabby in the outside classroom

We hope you enjoy the photos of your child’s day. Until tomorrow, stay safe and enjoy your evening!

Much love, Miss Donna and Mr G (Ginner) xxx