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Good afternoon Pre-Kindy families 🙂

Happy Friday, hope everyone is looking forward to their long weekend 🙂 Today we had a full class with 22 children ! We began our morning in. the big yard. Due to the weather last night we got a visit from a big cane toad. This provided the morning entertainment, Miss Connie trying to move the toad along got scared as the toad hopped and hopped the class laughing at Miss Connie and the toad. We then played a game of hide and seek before heading up into the tree house as the rain began. Up in the tree house we had a dance party playing the floor is lava, Aladdin, dance monkeys, I’m a gummy bear.

We then headed inside for morning meditiation before enjoying our morning tea.

Group time we introduced some new resources that Miss Emma brought us, these resources will be used to help regulate emotions and calm our little minds and bodies. We talked about emotions and how we feel and what our bodies do when we are angry and frustrated. We then read “Ping learns to share” a story about a panda who learns to share his bamboo with his friends.

We then went into activity time which saw us play with play dough, create dinosaurs with arts and crafts, enjoy the dinosaur area and play with the car track.


We have had a great day today! Just a reminder to get next years enrolments in and ensure you have downloaded the Xplor app 🙂


With love Miss Tiff an Miss Connie