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Hello everyone, Only 10 days until Christmas!

We started the day today with some arts and crafts creating beautiful Christmas trees and reindeer hats made from our own hand prints, Ellie kept saying that tracing her hand tickled and giggled the whole time. Reid, Myah and Hazel all really enjoyed making their reindeer hats. Arlo and Theo had a wonderful time adding glitter and pom poms to their Christmas trees. We also got the children involved in cleaning the classroom using a variety of sponges and scourers to clean our tables and chairs with warm soapy water. The children loved this and Oliver and Hazel took great pride in ensuring they got everything looking spick and span for the year to come.

Being such a hot day we tried to keep the kids cool and out of the heat for the day.

Today we also enjoyed the following play-based activities:

– Bright yellow Playdough with cookie cutters and rolling pins

– Christmas themed rollers with paint

– Pre-writing activities (tracing different dotted lines and counting with fine textas)

– Assorted puzzles

– Playing in home corner with the dolls and pretend foods

– Large Lego construction

We hope you enjoy today`s pictures and stayed cool on such a hot day.

Much love, Miss Amanda and Miss Steph xxx