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Good afternoon to our Pre Kindy families. Friday, funday … yay! Miss Donna thought she would take Otto for a ride around the bike track this morning. We also used some leaves from the playground to create beautiful leaf paintings, by dipping the leaves in various coloured paints & dabbing them across paper. The children really enjoyed this activity, even asking if we could bring it indoors to do again after morning tea. There was an impromptu tea party in the sandpit as well. Then once indoors, we made leaf collages, and frogs out of green play dough, so Miss Lyn read us a new book called β€˜ There’s A Big Green Frog In The Toilet. We all listened very intently. Dance with Miss Jenni was lots of fun as all of us joined in doing the Hokey Pokey. Other activities included – Baby doll role play, mobilo, reading books, dancing to our Monster Monster Song & painting with paddle pop sticks We would like to wish our friend Mace a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and we hope you enjoyed us singing happy birthday to you this morning & thank you for brining in cup cakes to share with your friends this afternoon… Have a great weekend & we will see you all next week. Love from Miss Donna & Miss Lyn πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜Š