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Happy Friday Pre-Kindy Families 🙂

We hope everyone has had a good week and that your up and coming weekend will be an enjoyable and restful one. This morning we had another lockdown practice, it was very early in the morning so most families/children were still making their way to Kindy, after the lockdown we then welcomed; Harry, Cruiz, Ariana, Charlotte, Vaughn, Bjorn, Cohen, Conall, Lincoln, Latika, Harper, Amelia, Aleksandar, Colton and Lily.

Todays outside activities/areas of play the children gravitated towards were; building blocks, bikes, obstacle course and story time. Story time was the most popular choice with all of our friends taking a seat and enjoying a book at one point in time throughout the morning. We were lucky to have educator Miss Emmanuella with us today with her trust bag of stories which the children thoroughly enjoy every time she is here, Harry, Colton, Harper and Vaughn enjoyed the story time the most 🙂 Cohen and Cruiz spent a lot of their morning racing around on the bikes, at times the speed got to fast and they would end up playing bumper cars as they knocked into each other.  Ariana and Charlotte spent the morning playing with each other, they were involving themselves in dramatic play they took turns being pregnant by having “a baby inside of their tummy”. Amelia, Alex and Conall spent their time in the tree house on the obstacle course, whilst Lincoln and Bjorn spent time with Miss Tiffany building.

We then transitioned inside for morning tea, where we were greeted with an abundance of yummy food! This morning we had; Fresh strawberries, blueberries, banana and apples, we also had apricots, sultanas and rice crackers. The children enjoyed it so much that they all came back for seconds!!! Miss Tiffany and Miss Bek also helped themselves to some fresh fruit and enjoyed it very much.

For Lunch today we had Ocean Hugger Fish and Chips. This was made with banana blossom paired with roasted sweet potato, potato, carrot, zucchini. As well as our salad bar. The children really enjoyed the salad and roasted vegetables with a few being brave enough to try the banana blossom and love it.

This afternoon we will move from rest time into afternoon tea, we will then enjoy the sun as we wait for home time to come around.

**Parent note, if you wish to have a parent educator meeting there is a form on top of the lockers with time slots, please select the most convenient for you! We look forward to talking with you about the progress of your children 🙂

Have a happy weekend 🙂