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Hello everybody, and here we are at Friday already! Today we had a smaller group of friends in our Pre Kindy room. We were able to only play outside today until 9am, due to the continued poor air quality, but once inside, we had loads of song and dance opportunities to help shake out our wiggles and jiggles. Musical chairs is also a current favourite!

We also had our hugely popular Funky Feet dance class with Miss Jenn, where Narla, Charlotte, Myah, Mace and Mariah were especially keen to show us some of their dance moves.

After morning tea, the following play-based activities were available for the children to choose from and enjoy:

  • Easel painting with a variety of pastel acrylic paints and recycled cardboard cylinders – Myah was quick to note that she was painting with a “toilet roll”!
  • Playdough with coloured stones and small plastic containers – Ellie sang a very cheery “Happy Birthday” song to Charlotte, presenting her with a playdough cake. Mariah’s cake had lots of birthday candles made from matchsticks
  • Arlo and Myah played together in home corner, with Myah making Arlo a yummy meal filled with vegetables and fruit – Myah then “washed up”, whilst Arlo went to rest on the lounge with a book – I will endeavour to reduce incidences of sterotyping and get Arlo to wash up next time 🙂 hehe
  • Large Lego construction – Mr G helped Otto make a super duper truck!
  • Soft foam block construction – Eva and Otto appeared to really enjoy building towers and houses side by side
  • Conversational reading with Mariah and Arlo, where Mariah “read” her favourite book “(Room on a Broom”) to Miss Donna and Arlo
  • Chalk drawing at the large chalkboard – Mace really took his time to create a series of big and small spiders. He also helped to clean up the chalkboard at pack away time. Well done Mace!

Until next week Pre-Kindy families, take care and stay safe! Much love, Miss Donna and Miss G (Ginner) x