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Hello Pre-Kindy families. It is Friday already! Yet another lovely sunny day that we have enjoyed right from the start. During outside playtime this morning we had impromptu sack races with all the children. This was followed by the children having a good belly laugh as Miss Leesa, Miss Donna, Miss TJ and Miss Sarah attempted to complete a sack race. We are not quite as agile as the children are! Next we used the sacks to slide down the giant green hill…Mariah, Charlotte and Ellie in particular thought this was lots of fun and did it over and over.

Our Pre-Kindy friends Amayah and Xavier have joined us for the day today. They had a great time dancing and playing games during Miss Jenn’s Funky Feet dance class where gross muscle/coordination skills such as hopping, jumping forward and backwards were practiced, as well as taking part in learning new dance moves and songs with pom poms and jumping squares. Lots of great learning opportunities and photo moments!

Today we continued our activities that are aligned with National Science Week. These included a paper mache volcano that spouted lots of bright orange lava…(mix 1/2 cup of white vinegar, a dash of dishwashing liquid, and yellow and red food colouring directly into a plastic bottle that is then placed inside the paper mache volcano casing), To create the “lava/liquid rock” we poured 3 tablespoons of Bicarb soda through a funnel into the top of the volcano. This mixed and reacted with the vinegar mixture.

We also tried our hand at making Magic Milk painting (milk, different food colourings and a cotton bud dipped in dishwashing liquid). The children were very intrigued by the way that when dishwashing liquid was added to the coloured milk, the colours all separated and made swirling patterns.

Incorporating science activities into the Pre-Kindy curriculum helps your child’s development in several ways by:

1. Harnessing your child’s natural curiosity. Critical thinking allows children to find meaning in their learning and make real-world connections that impact their lives This aligns with learning outcomes connected to the Early Years Learning Framework that inform the way we here at Riversdale plan your child’s weekly play-based  learning curriculum

2. Helping your child develop vital life-skills such as problem-solving and communication

3. Helping to expand your child’s language and literacy skills (asking questions, seeking answers, learning and practising new words and concepts etc.)

4. Providing opportunities for your child to be actively involved in investigative/research processes – trial and error, cause and effect, generating ideas, making decisions, perseverance and patience

5. Last but not least……science creates a sense of wonder…and sometimes it all seems a little bit magical! 🙂

We have all had a lot of fun today, filled with sunshine, music, creativity and the wonders of science. Science is often all about the process…that is what creates wonder in young children’s minds.We hope you all have a lovely and safe weekend. See you next week!

Love from Miss Donna and Miss Lyn xxx