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Happy friday Pre Kindy families, what a hot day we are having today!!!

Today in Pre Kindy the children had a lovely day. With a big class of 17 children we enjoyed playing with our friends and learning in our everyday play. Hendrix, Ivy, Ellie, and Harvey were enjoying the play time with their older brothers who are here for before and after school care.

This morning Tate, Tanner, Ayla and Chihiro pretend they were in a bike race and ride around the bike track chasing each other. Ellie, Ivy, Hendrix, and Willow instead relaxed on the shade doing beautiful drawings. William was concentrating trying to do shapes with the stencil on the paper.

On our transition to indoor activities we went to the toilet, washed our hands, and sat together to read some books on the green mat. Tanner “read” the book ‘Piranhas do not eat bananas’ to his friends and all of them were really concentrating on the story,

Once inside we sang along to our two morning songs, ‘Hello’ and ‘Skinny Marinky’.  The children sang and did the actions so beautifully today! Our friends were so excited, they loved it! During our group time we had Zane’s show and tell. Zane went for holidays at Rainbow beach and brought along lots of shells to show his friend at kindy. It was amazing, we used his show and tell to extend our learning, talking about our senses. The children touched the shells and told us what they felt:

They said:

Ivy – I feel lines

Ayla – It is very hard

Harvey – It is soft

Hendrix – I feel happy

Joseph – It is nice

Tate – I feel better

Tanner – I feel water

Milly – It is so soft

Ellie – It is slimy inside

Marama – It feels warm

Zane – It is light and yummy

Bonnie – It is Light

Kaylee – It smells like beach

Chi – I love shells

Later, we opened our doors and had indoor and outdoor play. Maia, Ayla, and Milly had lots of fun playing with some of the Senior Kindy children in the tree house. While Hendrix and some other friends were playing inside with magnets, wooden blocks, and cars (Zane and Joseph favourite toys), felt boards and in the hoe corner.

Today we also had our dance class and Miss Jenny as always made us super happy!!

That was our day Pre Kindy families, we hope you enjoy the photos!

Just a reminder, next week is book week, dress up your children with their favourite book theme!

See you next week!!

Lots of love

Miss Livia and Miss Dominique.