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Good afternoon everyone. We hope that you all have had a wonderful Friday so far. Today in our Pre-Kindy room, we kicked off our morning with building our own indoor cubby house – initiated by Ellie and Kaylee. When Ivy and Zahra arrived, they also pitched in, making it from a large sturdy table, an assortment of blankets, and lots of pillows. It was great fun sitting inside to read our books or to have chats with each other. Such a wonderful thing to do together on a rainy day!

Other play-based learning experiences the children engaged with today included:

  • Building towers with wooden blocks (especially enjoyed by William and Ivy. Ivy was wonderfully persistent and kept building her tower again each time it fell over)
  • Making colourful collages using scrunchy green paper strips, small coloured cardboard squares and coloured glue (thoroughly enjoyed by all our friends today – Arlo, Jamal, Ivy, Zahra, Maia, Ellie, Kaylee and William)
  • Using our new kitchen sink and washing machine. It was great to see the boys pitching in and washing, cooking and cleaning – we do believe in equality in our Pre-Kindy room! 😊
  • Making patterns with coloured pegs and pegboards – Jamal really enjoyed this activity today, and spent a lot of time making patterns from multi-coloured pegs

After rest time today we were busy playing with dinosaurs, pasting scrunchy balls of coloured crepe paper onto large cardboard, colouring in with textas, and cooking up a storm in our kitchen corner.

We hope all our Pre-Kindy families have a safe and happy weekend and look forward to seeing you all again next week. Until then, take care.

Much love, Miss Donna and Miss Livia xxxx