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Good morning and happy Friday! I hope that all families have had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend to spend some quality time with the little ones.

School holidays next week so for all those children who have older siblings and will not be at Kindy next week, I hope you have so much fun, we will miss you!

This morning we welcomed Ariana, Bjorn, Colton, Harrison L, Colton, Vaughn, Conall, Aleksandar, Amelia, Ayla, Romney, Grace, Ella, Amelia, Cohen, Cruiz, Harper, Jacob and Lincoln. Spending some time transitioning into Pre-kindy was the lovely Poppy from Senior Kindy.

We vegan our morning outside in the big yard today, which meant we got to explore the sandpit, swings, bikes and so much more.

This morning Miss Tiff brought in the salt dough bones we made yesterday. They were all cooked and hard and resembled actual bones. We brought them out into the sandpit. Cruiz, Harrison, Bjorn, Lincoln, Conall, Alex and Grace all inspected the bones. They could see there were ones that looked like teeth, others looked like bone shaped bones and there was even a brontosaur. Miss Tiff then buried the bones in the sandpit, and we all used our two pointer fingers to begin to dig to find the bones. Miss Tiff explained that the bones are very old and so therefore they are fragile. Lincoln making the comment “does that me we have to be very careful with them?” Miss Tiff nodded. So carefully we all began to dig and whenever someone found one we they would jump with excitement as they touched and inspected it. Amongst exploring the dig Ariana, Harper, Alex and Lincoln all headed to the tree house where they partook in racing games. Colton, and Cruiz spent some time on the bike track racing around the grass hill.

Before long Harper and Ariana were asking if we could have a dance party. So together along with Alex, Bjorn, Lincoln, Cruiz, Ayla, Jacob, Conall, Grace and Ella.

The songs on choices:

Jacob: I am a robot

Bjorn: The floor is lava

Harper: Animal Freeze

Cohen: Dance monkey

Before long it was time to head inside for morning tea and group time.


Morning tea was enjoyed by all this morning the addition of the mango to the yoghurt goes down well with the children.
Miss tiff was out of the room this morning for programming time which meant Miss T’arn joined Miss Connie for the morning block of the day.

Miss Connie took group time this morning which consisted of some class meditation and a game of doggy doggy where your done.

We are starting to incorporate meditation within our transition from outdoor to indoors as we are often filled with so much energy we need to re centre ourselves before entering into the classroom.

This morning our time inside was busy, filled with lots of activities and moving around.

Grace, Jacob, Cruiz, Harrison, Vaughn, Ayla, Ella, Amelia and Harper began their indoor play with playdough. Miss T’arn divided up the playdough and we all selected our rollers and cut out shapes to start creating. When playing with playdough we encourage the children to create whatever they like and to not always use the stencils so they allow their imagination and creativity to dictate what they make.

We also had Grace, Vaughn, Lincoln and Harper doing some painting whilst Miss Connie read the story of the dot.

Colton and Cohen got the wooden blocks out and created a long track that nearly reached the whole classroom. Once built they then raced their cars along as if it were a racetrack. Romney, Ariana and Poppy spent the morning in home corner role-playing families with Romney being the baby.

We then cleaned up the classroom to head outside for some fresh air. Miss Jen and her Funky Feet dancing came to visit so we all headed up to the tree house to get our bodies moving.

Mexican day! Our class loves the tortilla chips along with the salad bar. More and more friends are beginning to try the sauce and rice.
As we have entered into the middle of the year we are finding a lot of children growing out of the need to sleep. What we do is encourage mindful resting whilst educators clean and tidy from lunch before finding a quote activity to do.
We hope to enjoy the yummy afternoon tea and Miss Connie and Miss Tiff join for some encouragement.
This afternoon will see us shake and dance to some of our favourite tunes


With love, Miss Tiff and Miss Connie