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Hello everyone, and welcome to FUN-tastic Friday here with all our Pre-Kindy friends.

Today we had a small group of just eight…Ivy, Harley, William, Ellie, Kaylee, Zahra, Ollie and Maia played in the sandpit early this morning. We got some water, filled different molds with wet sand and turned them out to make castles and animals…..our very own magic kingdom.  We also had fun on the giant swing, where we all sang lots of our favourite songs – “Miss Mary Mack”, “Mary had a little lamb” and “ABC” were some of the requested songs today.

Morning tea was had out in the fresh air this morning, and consisted of assorted fruits, crunchy granola and fruit custard….everything was delicious! Ellie, William, Harley, Zahra and Ivy then helped each other to wash up the morning tea plates – great participation everyone!

Joining in on tasks such as tidying up or packing away aligns with Learning Outcome 2 of the Early years Learning Framework, whereby – “Children are connected with and contribute to their world”.

Other experiences enjoyed today included:

  • Building and construction – Harley, Maia, Ellie, Kaylee and Ollie really enjoyed using the various tools today to pretend to put pieces of wood together. Ollie also had a great time hammering the walls of the wooden house to make sure all the planks were secure, whilst Kaylee used a long plastic ruler to take measurements of the wooden house. Most of our friends also wore their plastic safety goggles. Activities such as this have often been witnessed by young children firsthand, and it is incredible to see them mimic real-life actions so accurately
  • Collage was enjoyed by just about all our friends. Today they self-selected a combination of different coloured crepe paper pieces, and then either cut them into smaller bits with scissors, scrunched up or tore up the pieces, followed by gluing them onto a piece of paper. Lots of great designs were made

The purpose of art experiences is to allow children to explore on their own, using materials in their own ways. This also enables them to learn that their own abilities are valued

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe weekend. Until next week, take care!

Love Miss Donna XX