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Good afternoon everyone. Here we are at Friday already – goodness the week has truly flown by! We have a smaller group of friends here today, and it was lovely opportunity have fun with some play-based activities we have not engaged with for a while. This included:

  • Going “fishing” with small wooden magnetised fishing rods and using these to catch a variety of different sea animals/creatures, inclusive of sea life role play opportunities – this was thoroughly enjoyed by both Mariah, Mace, Ellie and Narla
  • Painting at the easel with a combination of glue, paint, hessian pieces and bark – Myah was extremely proud of her creation today, stating that it was for “Mummy”
  • Stickle Brick construction blocks – Mace and Otto played really beautifully together today, each building their own spaceships and cars
  • Kitchen corner home play – Eva produced a combination of very health and nutritious meals for her friends Oli and Henry today – Henry was also a dab hand in the kitchen himself!
  • Charlotte, Mariah and Narla had a jolly good time together drawing at the large blackboard today, creating a series of circles and other various patterns
  • We also enjoyed our weekly Funky Feet dance class with Miss Jenn – Ellie, Eva and Mariah were standouts today; they are really doing a great rendition of the sequential “Macarena” moves in time to the music – great job girl
  • We also had lots of fun at group time with the song “Row. row, row your boat”- where the children sat in an imaginary boat, using their oars, and learning lots of new actions. In addition, we read the large story book “My Dog Rags”, then had a discussion about which of our friends have dogs at home, what their name/s is, and what colour/s they are.
  • Until next week, enjoy your weekend and stay safe! Much love, Miss Donna and Miss Amanda XX