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Good afternoon and Happy Friday! We ended Book Week with more wonderful costumes being worn again today, there were fairies, pirates and witches to name a few. Today is also Daffodil Day and the children were excited to create their own daffodil craft using, paddle pop sticks, patty cases, pompoms and material petals. We also created some beautiful collage butterflies with Miss Lyn.  Our new friend Otto showed us with pride how he could walk across the balance beams, while Mariah and Ellie enjoyed easel painting, Eva listened to her friends reading a book out on the cushions. Miss Steph and Miss Lyn found a beetle and called the children to come and see it before it flew away home. Other activities we enjoyed today included – the outdoor kitchen where we made huge cakes and pies – Jigsaw puzzles – play dough with the cookie cutters and rolling pins – dobber art – blocks – dancing with Miss Jenni and Otto asked if we could sing some songs … we hope you have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week … Love from Miss Donna and Miss Lyn xx